Online Digital Manual for Both PC And Mobile Devices

In the digital age, mobile device has playing an increasingly important part in daily life. It is no longer a simple communication tool, but an intelligent terminal combination with life and entertainment. According to the report, the global Smartphone shipments have been more than PC. We can see that mobile device is important and have a great prospect.

Because of mobile devices is so important, when in the production of digital publications, we should be think about the docking of mobile devices and digital publications. Make created digital publications can be very smooth and very convenient to display on mobile device. But how to create such mobile device supported publication?

In this article, we’ll recommend a wonderful digital flipping publication maker for you to create mobile device supported book. It is named Digital Interactive Flipping Manual Maker which is wonderful page flip software that allows you to create fantastic e-book, e-magazine, e-catalogue and publish created book out as HTML, ZIP, EXE and CD, friendly with mobile device.

Key Feature of 3D Digital Publication Software

  • Create flip magazine in easy and fast way
  • Page flipping simulation technology
  • Powerful importing function:
  • Movie, Flash swf, Youtube video, etc can be inserted
  • Custom digital magazine in details:
  • Make mobile version for mobile users view on iPhone, iPad, and Android device
  • Create flipbook in html, zip, exe formats:
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How can i see page view of my flipbook?

I’m market manager of a shoes factory. We’re creates an online flip brochures for our goods and put it on my website. Here is my question:”is it possible to see how many times the flipbooks are used? It is very important for me to research our market, please help me!

Yes, FlipBook Creator enables you to see the read times of your flip Brochures. You can add Google Analytics tracking code into your flip brochure to know the statistics of your flipbook.

Below are the steps on how to add Google Analytics tracking code to the flipbook:

In the design interface, you can add your Google Analytics ID directly.

And once you upload your flipbook to your website, you can login your Google Analytics account and you can track the data of your flipbook visit.

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5 top Free Flipbook Maker Websites

Create by Flip HTML5

Talk about Flipbook, you will quick aware of below keywords: page-flipping effect, stunning presentation paper, mobile device friendly. Yes, a good FlipBook Maker software need contains those features; the outputted flipbook must with realistic page-flipping effect, running smoothly on iPad, iPhone, android or other device and it’s a good way to display your digital paper. In this post, I’ll share 5 top flipbook maker software with all of you guys.

  1. Free Flip Book Maker by Fliphtml5 (download)


It is wonderful to publish and spread your content in HTML5 around the world, in fact the high expense of such an application might have blocked your notion to embrace the future. Good news to you, FlipHTML5 solution launch an affordable page flip book maker including a free version that give you the chance to experience the engaging features of HTML5 page flipbook maker and publish your own online HTML5 eBook. This free ebook publisher will be your smart choice.

Create HTML5 Flipbook in Three Steps

Step1: Download the software client from our official website, install it on PC, and then create your own account;

Step2: Launch Flip Html5 from your PC and sign in your own account;

Step3: Import PDF document by clicking the button of “Import Files”. Jump into an importing window, users can define page range to import PDF files.


FlipBuilder is dedicated to making the best products which easily for convert PDF to digital magazine. From design to delivery it focuses on simplicity in use and power in function. Learn More about Flip Builder, visit:




3DPageFlip Free Page Flip Software

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How to upload and publish my flippingbook online?

After you using eFlip software to create a realistic flipping book with page turning effect, the next step to do is sharing it to others. Here will introduce the online way to share eBooks. That means you can publish your flipping book online!

I. If you are a website owner, you can upload the output flipping book files by FTP

1. Log in your website via FTP, for example, you website domain is;

2. Upload all files in the output directory to your website. For example, your output directory is C:\out\myflipbook:

Upload all files in the output directory to website

Then upload the directory “myfilpbook” (including “files” folder, SWF and HTML files) to your site.

3. See your flipping book at: “” or better:

I. If you aren’t a website owner, you can choose the following options for publishing flipbook online

Option1: Publish the flipbook onto your blog with uploading all output files (include folders);

Option2: If you can’t upload folders to your blog or you don’t have a blog, there is an online backup and share website you can utilize to publish your created flipbooks:
1. Create an account in Dropbox:

Create account in Dropbox

2. Choose “*.html” as flipbook output format. Drop your files to output path as “… \Dropbox\Public\flipbook” (make sure under “Public” folder). Make sure the files have been uploaded (the blue sign on the left side of the file icon has become green tick):


3. Open the “flipbook” folder under Dropbox path, right click “index.html” file to copy public link. You will get the book link like this: . Then you can send the link to other people for viewing your flipbook online.


By the way, if you want to embed the flipbook as to your existing webpage or blog page, you can:

1. Upload all output files include “*.html”, “*.swf” and “files” folder to the same path where the webpage loaded (the same FTP method);
2. Edit the source code of your webpage (with HTML editor like Dreamweaver, or Notepad etc.), insert the paragraph below into the code;
3. Save the webpage, then open it in your Browser, check that whether the inserted flipbook can be viewed or not.


More see:

What is eFlip’s free online upload service

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How Google Works?

Do you want see how Google works? Please see follow photo:


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Indesign to Flash Flip Book Software is the best windows based flash page flip software for quickly and easily creating Adobe based Flash flip books for the web with page turning effect. No programming knowledge is necessary for you to create amazing digital flib books that will grab the attention of your audience.

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4 important tips for Design founders hone their design chops

1. Figure out your approach

If you’re a design person, you probably already know it. To hone your skills, start reading design blogs and visiting sites that showcase good design, such as D-lists. If you’re not a design person, however, you may need to approach this more like a science project. Try learning the basic principles of design (balance, scale, etc.), and apply them to your projects in a rigorous way.

2. Sketch

Sketching has been a great addition to my daily routine. I love to mock out an interface, show it to a few customers and see if they “get” it. It’s an easy way to make sure you’re stretching your design muscles.

3. Read “Design for Hackers”

“Design for Hackers” by David Kadavy is a great primer on design, and it’s written for more left-brain thinkers, like programmers. Kadavy goes over the basics of design, and he also helps you develop your own eye for what works and what doesn’t. It’s not a book you’ll finish in one sitting, but it will make you a better designer.

4. Don’t hone it — delegate it

I’m not a designer. I can ramble on to designers for hours about what I want but there is no way I can reproduce it from a technical standpoint or from a theoretical standpoint. That’s why you need to either hire an experienced designer or you need to pay through the nose for a great one that can not only design your project, but take care of the user experience as well.

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PDF to Flash flipping book is useful flipbook software to transform PDF into realistic flipbooks. With it, you can create amazingly 3D magazines, catalogs, e-brochures, eBooks with flipping pages or newspapers in minutes

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Programmers highest-paid 5 companies Google behind Juniper, ranked second.



Average base salary: $ 128,378


Positive evaluation: “to gather all parties genius, in a highly competitive market, is likely to make a difference.”


Negative evaluation of employees: management process, the bureaucratic hierarchy. “




Average base salary: $ 124,520


Positive evaluation: “This is a great company with a great history, came to Google, you will still be able to contribute to the impact here has a very good company culture.”


Staff negative comments: “I’ve been in love with Google, that we create to help the industry as a whole and society, and there is no negative impact. Recently, however, I began to doubt, and even lost faith in the existing leadership team. company to do more of a top-down rather than bottom-up. “




Average base salary: $ 120,768


Positive evaluation: good treatment, smart colleagues (IPO on the eve of Twitter to attract a large number of days), there are a lot of interesting work. “


Negative evaluation of staff: “For the size of the company, the project manager, senior management, the number of vice president is too much, and the pace of some stagnation.”




Average base salary: $ 118,857


Positive evaluation: “here brought together the smartest people in the San FranciscoBay area, the company has developed rapidly.”


Negative evaluation of employees: “Sometimes, some of the company’s development too fast. Canteen food could have done better, but small kitchen snacks, snacks is good.”




Average base salary: $ 118,192


Positive evaluation: “The work is not tight, the treatment is also very generous, cool, when you and others to introduce their company, there will always lead to a burst of envy.”


Negative evaluation of employees: work at Apple is not what shortcomings, this is a very good company. “


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PDF Flip Page Creator is useful Pge Flip Software to transform PDF into realistic flipbooks. With it, you can create amazingly 3D magazines, catalogs, e-brochures, eBooks with flipping pages or newspapers in minutes

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