Programmers highest-paid 5 companies Google behind Juniper, ranked second.



Average base salary: $ 128,378


Positive evaluation: “to gather all parties genius, in a highly competitive market, is likely to make a difference.”


Negative evaluation of employees: management process, the bureaucratic hierarchy. “




Average base salary: $ 124,520


Positive evaluation: “This is a great company with a great history, came to Google, you will still be able to contribute to the impact here has a very good company culture.”


Staff negative comments: “I’ve been in love with Google, that we create to help the industry as a whole and society, and there is no negative impact. Recently, however, I began to doubt, and even lost faith in the existing leadership team. company to do more of a top-down rather than bottom-up. “




Average base salary: $ 120,768


Positive evaluation: good treatment, smart colleagues (IPO on the eve of Twitter to attract a large number of days), there are a lot of interesting work. “


Negative evaluation of staff: “For the size of the company, the project manager, senior management, the number of vice president is too much, and the pace of some stagnation.”




Average base salary: $ 118,857


Positive evaluation: “here brought together the smartest people in the San FranciscoBay area, the company has developed rapidly.”


Negative evaluation of employees: “Sometimes, some of the company’s development too fast. Canteen food could have done better, but small kitchen snacks, snacks is good.”




Average base salary: $ 118,192


Positive evaluation: “The work is not tight, the treatment is also very generous, cool, when you and others to introduce their company, there will always lead to a burst of envy.”


Negative evaluation of employees: work at Apple is not what shortcomings, this is a very good company. “


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