Online Digital Manual for Both PC And Mobile Devices

In the digital age, mobile device has playing an increasingly important part in daily life. It is no longer a simple communication tool, but an intelligent terminal combination with life and entertainment. According to the report, the global Smartphone shipments have been more than PC. We can see that mobile device is important and have a great prospect.

Because of mobile devices is so important, when in the production of digital publications, we should be think about the docking of mobile devices and digital publications. Make created digital publications can be very smooth and very convenient to display on mobile device. But how to create such mobile device supported publication?

In this article, we’ll recommend a wonderful digital flipping publication maker for you to create mobile device supported book. It is named Digital Interactive Flipping Manual Maker which is wonderful page flip software that allows you to create fantastic e-book, e-magazine, e-catalogue and publish created book out as HTML, ZIP, EXE and CD, friendly with mobile device.

Key Feature of 3D Digital Publication Software

  • Create flip magazine in easy and fast way
  • Page flipping simulation technology
  • Powerful importing function:
  • Movie, Flash swf, Youtube video, etc can be inserted
  • Custom digital magazine in details:
  • Make mobile version for mobile users view on iPhone, iPad, and Android device
  • Create flipbook in html, zip, exe formats:
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