Why drink bottles are generally circular, milk cartons are square?

Someone mentioned the “milk cola economics”, the origin of “economics” behind this book, I stir the Bureau of … I do not know this book sold in the end, how many people from this fascination with economics ; But if you book “read” water, also read Mankiw’s “Macroeconomics” Peace Connecticut “microeconomics”, you know, not all problems can use economics to answer. Milk cola same problem.


Support milk cola economic point of view: milk the square box province shelf space, especially refrigerated shelf space; Coke circular packing feel good, easy to pick up. The conclusion is: the distinction between the radius of more economical, saving businesses costs. Well, from an economic point of view, this view is only plausible.


In fact, the packaging is made of square but will also increase the cost of the business. Square packaging is not conducive to transport, easy to be damaged during transport; circular packing strong, especially if you bottle rolled out a few laps depression or simply bottle made of graceful woman convex caused the appearance of the body . This is why crude oil and petroleum products will never square packaging used drums packed with corrugated dent. Recall that you bought milk and cola, which is more easily damaged? Most box-packaging of milk has depression, the concave angle scars, you do not see the damage because of damage during transport dispose. Even scattered outside of the package with a layer of a large cardboard box or packaging, a large number of extrusion damaged during transport is difficult to completely avoid. Coke and other drinks made of round, in addition to reduce losses and improve logistics grip comfort, as well as taking into account the the carbonated drinks shaking produces carbon dioxide resulting in high pressure. Performance of one round than square not easily deformed or damaged. Comments the students, you should consider the issue of packaging material. Yes, did not say before because even consider the material to the metal, square than round still easily deformed or damaged, the prices of goods go to the supermarket to see a variety of luncheon meat, canned fish will know. Therefore, even if the the square packaging does save shelf space, but this is part of the cost savings can not make up for part of the losses during transport. “But I still think the square packaging does save space cost?” Certain that people think so. Yes, it is still a phenomenon on the surface.


The truth is: the cost of shelf space is static, but commodities trading is a dynamic process. I would like to ask, manufacturers and supermarkets would think that their products placed on the shelf to put better? Not, businesses want to sell their goods sooner the better. Like @ negative comments said, bear the storage costs are not manufacturers, they do not need too much to consider, not to mention, if only in order to store, supermarkets have special Treasury. Businesses hope that is not the supermarket once put 10 boxes of milk on the shelf or consumers once bought 10 boxes of milk stood at home, but to consumers every day to buy 10 boxes of milk. Round packaging undoubtedly feel than the square good, convenient for a lot of consumer consumption, which is why the round package “drinks milk” in the 7-11 convenience store or vending machines in the United States more common. (Beverage type does not refer to “milk drinks” kind of milk-flavored drinks.)


Radius of the dispute and cold storage so little relationship with supermarket warehouse or nothing to do with this, is still based on consumer convenience. American supermarket milk three square Tetra Pak, round bottles, plastic bucket. Round bottles for quick consumption, bought a drink directly; large plastic barrels, basically with a handle, but also for the convenience of the consumers, especially in some coffee shops and other milk guzzler; square Tetra Pak for general household use, yes, businesses do not consider the supermarket and warehouse costs, but in order to take into account consumers’ home refrigerator storage space. The average family refrigerator, like a black hole, how many things can go inside the plug, so a little bit of space, square Tetra Pak boxes savings is quite valuable. Businesses, of course, aware of this, so in order to meet this demand, at the expense point feel and logistics cost, is worth it.


In general, milk manufacturers seeks profit, it is particularly self-interest, so in addition to the friendly exchanges, mutual benefit, they do not have too much to take into account the supermarket warehousing costs, they have to do is single-minded to discuss the hearts and minds of consumers. Coax consumers, merchants have milk to drink it. On the other hand, the principles of economics is good, but a social phenomenon is not just economics at work. Economics can only solve the economic problems, or “help” solve other problems. One-sided, static look at the issue, often speculative answer, “essence” becomes “see through the appearance Programme essence” through the appearance.


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Dose the PS photos can be identified?

This desire to achieve seemingly simple but extremely difficult.

Right now, the richness of the digital image processing tools, single is free of charge no less than dozens, not to mention the ultimate magic “Photoshop” – they function more and more sharp – but worse, if you Google search digital image analysis recognition software, and even a download.

 We ushered in the era of a digital image – but it is a crippled era.

Analysis of the digital image recognition, has been a world-class problem – otherwise it does not appear the image verification code this weird stuff. Digital forensics authority from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Micah Kimo Johnson and Hany Farid, PS is very simple, but it is difficult to identify the PS photos, date, still not a sufficient the PS picture identification court evidence in court technology – when I heard that the Forestry Administration identified the recruitment of “authority” South China tiger photos telling the truth, but there is no sense of people took over, most of us think that this is a conspiracy – but the fact is that the world does not The existence of such a “authority”, dare each of the offerings promise in court, said this photo untreated or treated.

Frustrating, even the scientists themselves acknowledge, the PS of a variety of methods, their analysis of the authentication method is not one hundred test Braun, and which the court of which the judge is willing to accept the results of such analysis as evidence in court for more bad news is, Hany Farid that their research also help those pictures fake photos PS more real, in order to fool the program – ray tracing technology, not only to grasp the hands of then they ray tracing, and before the advent of their software, perhaps there will be a Photoshop plug-in appears on the Internet for people to download.

Perhaps, with the the Photoshop digital pictures of the same level of analysis recognition software, will never appear.

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The website promotion methods?

As we all know, web promotion is not one or two days, which is a relatively long-term process. That is to say, as long as the company exists, as long as it comes to network marketing, ultimately, promote the network.


A network to promote a protracted single on the promotion effect of view. Did the Alibaba promotion HC promotion of my friends know, in order to get the network traffic, must rely on a large number of long tail keywords. The construction of a large number of long tail keywords, you need a lot of workload. In other words, no precipitation time, simply get it working. So, set from keywords to attract traffic perspective. Did a lot of the workload of the long tail keywords they might promote the network.


Second, if you do SEO optimized, is also a long-term process. Just look at Wenzhou SEO keyword. On dozens of Baidu Index, to optimize up, but also more than a month, not to mention the commercial nature so heavy, the Baidu index so high industrial products. Optimization of the time will be longer, even up to six months or more. So, from the optimization point, the time necessary to output unavoidable.


Third, the accumulation of the customer needs time. Customers through a network promotion channels, little by little accumulated. Is not a day to promote full-lure. From this point of view. Also takes time to build.


So, fundamentally speaking, the network promotion is an ongoing process, must not for a moment of frustration and give up! Course, if it is a long time, do not go up, it is necessary to timely search for reasons timely remedy!


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Amazon launched new Kindle Paperwhite today.

Kindle users do not have to envy the Nook SimpleTouch with GlowLight, because Amazon launched new Kindle Paperwhite today. Joined the soft light of this new e-reader technology even enables you to reading in the dark. Before the product is based on infrared touch system, the new Kindle Paperwhite has update to use capacitive touch control screen.

Jeff Bezos said Kindle Paperwhite enhanced the contrast to 25%, 212 ppi also increased by 62% compared to the existing Kindle Pearl screen. Through a somewhat similar Nook (which may be related to the fiber optical technology) of the light incident on the screen, but the display looks more bright, white color than Nook. Thickness of only 9.1mm, allegedly endurance up to eight weeks, also canceled physical keys entirely through the touch screen to operate (allegedly can improve the efficiency of 15%).

The interface has also been some improvements, become more careful in order to cope with the higher resolution font, the brightness of the screen can be adjusted by sliding the slider on the screen. In addition, the system will calculate your reading speed and estimated completion of a chapter or the whole book reading time of introduction now.

Terms of price, the Wi-Fi version priced at $ 119 (about 750 yuan), the October 1 start shipping. The 3G version compared to $ 179 (approximately $ 1,140).
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Other HTML5 development site

URL: http://phonegap.com/

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URL: http://jsdo.it

JSDO.IT is a js code-sharing sites, emphasizing community participation and collaboration, which allows programmers and developers to share in the station to write their own code and works can also interact station, sharing the JS code content is a function to create a code-sharing through social networks or community-based website. The interface is smooth, with an automatically updated preview pane, acceptable to the open source JS library. In addition, it is a unique performance, you can open in the smart phone smartphone browser to view the Preview command. This tool requires users to register and login before you can use.

URL: http://HTML5boilerplate.com/

 The HTML5 Boilerplate a HTML / CSS / js templates, cross-browser normalization, performance optimization, optional features best practices, such as cross-domain Ajax and Flash.

 This site is co-sponsored by many industry professionals senior in an open source development template site, to help people quickly develop websites using HTML5 technology, browsing experience is also compatible with a variety of other older versions of the browser. HTML5 Boilerplate is not a framework, he is just a set of templates. We can put him as the new project template to build the project on this basis. This website aims to help people quickly develop a simple template, in general download a set of templates, you can make changes in its test Check compatibility browsing.

URL: http://proHTML5.com/

 All programmers to develop for HTML5 have little understanding of the people have heard of a programmer programming manual PRO HTML5 PROGRAMMING this site is book online official site, in addition to providing the book mentioned and HTML5 provides new features to explain part of the contents, including the use of examples to explain the API call, while also providing more online programming guide learning materials, as well as the study and practice tool. Worthy of collection.

 URL: http://www.beautyoftheweb.com/

 In 40 languages ​​IE9 RC version (Developer Experience Edition) by Bautyoftheweb, developers and enthusiasts can regularly achieve results HTML5 IE9 platform preview, this site can be downloaded to beautyoftheweb website on IE9 RC version can be downloaded directly, also can be seen online instructional video, even if the non-developers, programmers through the video, a taste of the good experience feelings HTML5 in IE9 platform. All current RC version download are free to have a more open and transparent. It can be said that this is a website of Microsoft in order to promote propaganda IE9….



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e-Commerce Changes under the impact of marketing

Speaking from marketing channel, Traditional marketing have three phases: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yesterday marketing channels producer is king, master new product information, manufacturers sell their products to consumers through intermediaries.

Today’s marketing channels have changed, brokers become very powerful master consumer information, such as Wal-Mart engaged in commodities trading in the world’s top 500 producers at this stage is integrated object. Brokers issued the order after producers in the production of goods acquired by the middlemen sold to consumers at this stage is the stage of the channel is the king, producers existence depends entirely on middlemen.

Tomorrow, consumer information will be transferred from the middlemen to consumers via the Internet, consumers can directly understand what the manufacturers in the production, so put the middlemen overhead. In theory, the middlemen become a redundant link, this is the channel marketing diagonal transfer theory.

Channels diagonal theoretical study is a new attempt for dynamic studies of channels for the transfer of power law. Studies have shown that, with the changing times, channels owned manufacturer of power from the early development during the transition to the middleman has to be owned by the consumer, eventually maturing. The entire evolution diagonal like. Western scholars channel power transfer phenomenon called “diagonal transfer.

Transfer from the second stage to the third stage, is the role played by the network, if there is no significant scientific and technological progress, it is impossible to do so. Each manufacturer to understand consumer information or consumer to understand the information of the manufacturer, the middle of the transaction costs and the costs are high, the cost of this part of the network is significantly reduced. Of course, the middlemen in the trading process can theoretically do not, it is impossible not to real production.


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The user experience is what stuff?

We always talking about UX, UE, user experience, so in the end what is the user experience? Why iPod, iPhone, iPad, are so popular? Even set off this trend: the majority of mobile phone design company / OEM supplier in imitation of Apple’s products. Jobs: Everyone ruthless own phone. Why? That you really appreciate your phone “bad”? Where “bad” means bad user experience, UX is not so mysterious is that this stuff. 
User experience Troika 

My personal understanding is that these three elements: 
When the user when there is a demand, he will find a product to meet his needs. 
We assume that the user to select your product, your product is useful (Useful). 
Then I said, a good product will not only attract the user must first use (Usable) can guide the user to slowly learn more proficient in the use of it, your product becomes more useful to users (More Useful Located), and easier to use (More Usable).

Take Google Map as example, everyone will go to a new place, you how to find your destination? Ask for directions? Fight? Bus? Play in Beijing to find a friend in Huizhou to Guangzhouwork, I experience the convenience of Google Map brought me to reach their destinations faster speed, gradually learning and able to skillfully use the Google Map, so I basically can not do without it. 

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